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Approved Voluntary Work Organisation


The Baldivis Soccer Club has been approved by Centrelink as a recognised Voluntary Work Organisation.

This means that the Club can take on volunteers who are currently signed on at Centrelink as job seekers.

When a job seeker is getting payments from Centrelink then they need to meet certain mutual obligation requirements. Some job seekers can meet their mutual obligation requirements by doing voluntary work with an approved non profit organisation such as this Club.

The Annual Activity Requirement (AAR) forms part of the job seeker’s overall mutual obligation requirements where they must undertake some additional activity such as Work for the Dole paid or voluntary work etc. The AAR differs according to age and circumstance as detailed in this fact sheet.​

What this means is that there is an opportunity for those of you who are currently job seekers receiving Centrelink payments and who have a love of soccer to apply for volunteer positions with the Club and thereby meet part of your AAR requirements.
With the season about to start the club is very specifically looking for

                                    Ground Marshals

These tasks would cover both Junior and Senior games and a volunteer would be likely to accumulate a whole days worth of credits for a Sunday's enjoyment of soccer.
Please share this message or pass it on to someone you know who might be interested and get them to contact the Club on


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