Club Fees 2022

The following Fees were approved by the committee of Baldivis Soccer Club on 15 Nov 2021.

The committee wishes to make soccer inclusive and accessible for all and strives to keep fees as low as possible.

This year will be the first increase in fees since the 2018 season.

All players will receive one Polo and one pair of shorts in club colours and logo. Seniors will get two pairs of socks -one red and one black, while Juniors will get two pairs of black socks.

Eligible Senior players will continue to receive a $50 discount and for juniors family / sibling discounts remain as in previous years see concessions.

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Family Discounts


The family discount remains at $50 as in previous years

Junior Players with no siblings will not be eligible for the discount.

Junior players with one or more siblings wii be eligible for the discount off the fee of the eldest player

The Club accepts Kidsports vouchers. Click on image.

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