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Baldivis Soccer Club AGM


To All members, players and parents

We are now approaching the season end. We now need to call our AGM and prepare for next season!!

Details are as follows.

AGM is at 9.30am on Saturday 5th November 2022 at our clubhouse

Everyone is encouraged to attend our AGM where we will:


  • Vote in Office Bearers, Committee Members and Sub Committee Members

  • Report by the Committee on season activities

  • Approve the Minutes of the last AGM and any Special Committee Meetings

  • Receive and consider the Financial Statements of the Club for the previous year

  • Take any questions.


All ordinary members (aged over 15 fully paid up football fees) have a vote.

The positions available at this AGM are:



  • Vice President and Treasurer (see notes below)

(1) To be elected to a position of office bearer, the member must have served at least 2 consecutive year as an ordinary committee member.
(2) If there is no nomination for a position, the chairperson of the meeting may call for nominations from the ordinary members at the meeting, without the 2 years’ service as in sub rule (2)


  • Technical Director of Juniors



  • Senior Coordinator

  • Coordinator 6/7s

  • Coordinator 8/9s

  • Coordinator 10/11/12s

  • Coordinator 13/14/15/16s

  • Social Events Organiser

  • Equipment Manager

We encourage members and parents to apply and help run the club.

The committee meets once per month, so availability to make meetings is required. 

1. Nomination of committee members

(1)  At least 42 days before an annual general meeting, the secretary must send written notice to all the members —

  • (a) calling for nominations for election to the committee; and

  • (b) Stating the date by which nominations must be received by the secretary to comply with sub rule (2).

(2)  A member who wishes to be considered for election to the committee at the annual general meeting must nominate for election by sending written notice of the nomination to the secretary at least 28 days before the annual general meeting.
(3)  The written notice must include a statement by another member in support of the nomination.
(4)  A member may only nominate for one specified position to be an ordinary committee member.
(5)  A member whose nomination does not comply with this rule is not eligible for election to the committee unless the member is nominated under rule 33(2) or 34(2)(b).
(6)  If the number of members nominating for the position of ordinary committee member is not greater than the number to be elected, the chairperson of the meeting —
(a) must declare each of those members to be elected to the position; and
may call for further nominations from the ordinary members at the meeting to fill any positions remaining unfilled after the elections under paragraph (a)

If you are interested in joining the committee and need any information on what the roles involve please contact us via email:


All Nominations to be received by email to: by Thursday 6th October 2022

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